About the platform

Know-How Show-How is a learning platform that explores design and art practice as a means of cultural and social transformation.

The mission of KHSH is to promote and enable the transfer of “know-how”: tangible and intangible instances embedded in our cultural heritage that inform who we are as communities and as a culture, where we have been and where we place our values for the future.


KHSH’s programs are live encounters that center around “learning by doing”, one of the most powerful tools to support personal development of skills and life experience. Central to our program is the way we look into the many layers that constitute the identity of a place, by probing its social relationships, visual language and historical traces with a specific design frame. Through this practice, we reveal local expertise and existing resources, and bring them forward in a new light.


In 2015 the platform initiated a summer cultural program in Bulgaria to address issues of the urban environment, using design processes to explore the potentiality of the place. The program consists of workshops guided by international designers and artists and a public program with lectures, presentations and discussions.